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Julie’s 2014 Schedule:

I’ll be presenting on BIML at the following 2 events:

Microsoft Integration Architects on January 16th on BIMl: 

and I’ll be doing the same talk on February 8th in Cleveland, OH at their SQL Saturday.

Rob Volk and I will be talking about Power Query in Nashville on January 18th  at their SQL Saturday.




Audrey Hammonds says:

Oh, reading this just made my hyperventilate a little. Want to go halvsies on a nanny and a maid? :)

hmmm, doesn’t look like you’ve signed up to do a SQL Lunch yet ;-)

Audrey Hammonds says:

Yes, because we’re giant slackers. Or sane. Take your pick.

Adam Jorgensen says:

It’s not like you know the guys who co-hosts or anything!!

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