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We’ve noticed that some of our readers just want to leave us messages and are doing so in random places on our blog–sometimes the About Us page, sometimes in other places.

So we’ve decided to create a separate page on our blog for you to do just that.Ā  Go nuts.

24 thoughts on “Leave a Message for the Datachix.

  1. hey julie
    i meet you in tampa for SQL. how is everything? i’m going to sql rally and sql jacksonville. i sent message on linkedin and haven’t heard anything. I also just got twitter. I hope everything is well.


    • Brook,

      Hi there! Not going to Jax, but I’ll be there at the Rally and also just got accepted for Pensacola. (also, just replied , again I might add, something happened to my other message to your LInked in message).

  2. Hello my SQL goddeses! (how’s that for shamelessly trying to get your attention!)

    Okay, so here’s the scoop in as few a words as I can possibly put them. A small team and I are building a new website for gardeners — we are in the final throws. I put together the original data model, but now I’m getting feedback from several different directions that it should be different than what I’ve modeled. And I’m perfectly fine with that. I would consider myself a junior developer that has been around — and managed many, many small, medium, and large software development efforts. I’ve always had much respect for project managers who actually know how to code — so over the past 12 months, I’ve taken it up. PROBLEM: I have noooo idea who knows the most about what I’m going to encounter days, weeks, months, years from now. So, for right or wrong, I’m going to pour my heart out to you two lovely ladies who have a bunch of followers – and trust that if you can get so many people to follow you to the ends of the Earth, that maybe I could trust you as well. So, to that end, let me try to convey much information, in a little amount of space and see if I can appeal to your sense of duty, your love of country, for all the babies in the world, to help end world hunger, for the love of all that is holy, hmmmm, what else… Oh well, if those causes aren’t enough – I’m scrooged! (I have a 10 year old daughter so I have to talk in that kind of language).

    Okay, here goes: C#, .NET, MVC, SQL Server 2008R2, JQuery, a little JSON, 25% LINQ, 70% stored procs, 5% views, what I would call a small database (largest table – transaction_detail ~ million rows, customer table ~ 40,000, plant table ~ 6,000 rows, etc.), around 30 real tables with maybe another 10 used for importing flat data files coming from external systems before merging, no indexes yet because we’re just getting the first version of the site up so I can run some traces, new data merged in from multiple data sources each night, a fair amount of BIDS because I’m bringing in flat files from external sources, 3rd party hosting company for both web and database, Microsoft Azure cloud services for image storage, and more (of course). Sounds fun, huh! Probably won’t do it here, but I’m willing to share just about anything that would help you – just not here where everyone is watching… I don’t think the CIA or FBI are after my Gardening Plant Database, but you can never be too careful…it’s pretty good shi..stuff. There is a lot the government could learn from it, I fear!!! Sometimes I “feel” them listening when I’m on my cell phone. I think they might have phone taps on me…so be careful – I’m sorry for bringing you into my covert-ness?!
    [Since I know sarcasm and comedy don’t come through well online, I better go ahead and state the obvious that I’m tooootalllly kidding. Wait a minute, that assumes there was something in there that made you smile~~]

    Okay, last paragraph, I promise — and I’ll try one last clever trick to try and suck you in to my world of problems…..I mean, opportunities! I totally mean, opportunities.

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    where s.status_description = ”Open, Unanswered AND Kurt might be smart enough to understand the answer.” (obviously wouldn’t really do a where with a description field, but it worked bette ee!)
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    group by r.question_id, q.question_description
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    [results] [Messages]
    question_id question_description no_replies
    1 AD0F77AA-2712-4E30-A3A7-002D569C4D9E Could you please look at my data model and give me harsh feedback? 12
    2 47A0A2CD-4C85-42F6-871F-003281BFCE4D The age old question – more normalized, de-normalized for speed? 10
    3 CE5094F3-3E20-4CD7-8D2D-0037A6705C1D Use of LINQ versus stored procs in MVC 8
    4 BCF3CAB1-8A7C-4722-B805-003F6C50D4DD Best practices on bringing in data through BIDS 4
    5 C628674C-974D-469A-87D6-0046E0FBBD97 Tools. What are the absolute best tools of the trade for experts? 0
    6 8BC5B60D-7933-4FC0-98EA-FFCBB6564952 There are a couple of extremely important sprocs i’d love feedbac on 0

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    These probably aren’t exactly the top 5 questions, but i’m getting tired.

    Okay, please don’t take any of that serious. I don’t really model like that…I was trying to be cute.

    Your truly,
    Kurt Dicus
    c. (425) 408-3250
    [this is not the site we’re building. If you’re willing to give me some guidance, I would love to share the site with you.]

    • Kurt,

      Sorry it took me so long to respond. Life has been crazy busy. I’ll take a look in the morning and then get in touch.



  3. No worries. I didn’t give you much to go on – but I’d love for you to take a look and let me know if you have any spare time you want to devote to a cool project. Minimal time — but time nonetheless I suspect.

  4. In September before PASS (24 hours of PASS) you did a topic on CTE’s and had great examples. I was hoping I could get the .sql files from you or the slide deck. I looked all over and can’t seem to find it. Can you either tell me where to find them or just e-mail them to me?

  5. Hi there Chix

    Wow! I love your blog. It is witty, humorous and knowledgeable. You could have been reading my mind in the first couple of posts you have here. Its like me but you’ve overcome more “obstacles” than I! Thanks and please keep on posting. I’m learning so much. Have a great day

  6. Hi Audrey,

    I attended your T-SQL Awesomeness session at the Pass Summit and I thought it was great, especially the recursive CTE! It’s the perfect answer for something I’m working on right now. Where can I find a copy of your examples and the database you used?


  7. Do either of you do consulting in puget sound area? I am looking for SSIS architect/developer and am in immediate need.

    • Hello Gary,
      I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since you sent a message to me via my blog (sqlblog.com/blogs/jamie_thomson) but unfortunately the email address that you left is bouncing. Could you try getting in touch again?

      Apologies to Audrey & Julie for using your blog comments for this, its my last-ditch attempt to try and make contact with Gary!


  8. Audrey-

    Any chance you will provide your SQL PASS 2013 presentation materials? I am trying to catch up on all of the other sessions I couldn’t make it to since I cannot be in two places at once and cannot clone myself!

    Take care,

  9. Hi Julie, are you going to post the slidedecks that you and Scott used at SQL Saturday 2014 in Charlotte? I’m trying to implement a lot of what you taught and would love to see the slides and demo code.

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