Not so Current Any More Events — a Datachix Perspective.


Tiger Woods reluctantly emerged from his Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  burrow today.

In the harsh glare of the photographers’ flashes he did see his shadow:

Six more weeks of Rehab 


6 thoughts on “Not so Current Any More Events — a Datachix Perspective.”

    1. It just meant that the timing of the press conference was really close to Ground Hog’s day and that made me think of the analogy and that made me laugh. Nothing more. 🙂

  1. Chix, you are funny. It reminds me about a 15 min tongue twister George Colin did on Jay Leno Show. If you have not seen it, I have streaming video.

    1. Jason, a thousand apologies on behalf of myself and my fellow chickie for not responding to your comments. We slacked off in the worst way. Thanks for reading. I am trying to do better as of right now 🙂

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