Where have we been? and, Debugging SSIS Variables Part 3 — The Watch Window

So like all bloggers, Audrey and I made a resolution to blog regularly and frequently back in November of 2010.  We did well for a stretch, but we’ve had many good things happen and the blog has taken a hit.  I went to the inaugural SQL Rally two weeks ago.  I met for the first time a lot of great community people– Karla Landrum, Michael Blizzard, Mike and Karen Rhodes, Bill Graziano, Rick Heiges, Kendra Little, Jeremiah Peschka, Karen Lopez, Timothy Mitchell, Bradley Balls, Tom LaRock, Allen Kinsel,  Mark Broadbent— I know I’m forgetting lots of names.  It was wonderful to meet folks from all over the country and the world who are excited to learn about SQL Server.  I also got to hang with lots of my buddies whom I only get to see at events like these.

Then it was on to Microsoft TechEd which was hosted in our home town of Atlanta, GA.  Audrey and I spent some time at the PASS booth, encouraging folks to attend their local user group meetings.

Then there’s the book.  See Jorge’s post here on the great news about the SQL Bible for 2011.  Audrey and I will probably not be sleeping much in the next few months as we work on the Wiley SQL 2011 Bible.  It’s crazy exciting!

So if we become ever so slightly less vocal here on the ol’ Datachix blog; remember, it’s not you , it’s us!  And now on to our regularly scheduled blog post:

Debugging SSIS Variables Part 3 — The Watch Window

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Debugging SSIS Variables Part Two–The Locals Window

From the book of Bloggering, Chapter 59 Verse 11: Thou shalt humbly accepteth better solutions to thine posits as they appeareth in thine Comments Section.   Yea verily, although thou may fearest change, thou shalt learneth new and better coding in this manner and be pleasing in the sight of thine employer.

I had a blog post several weeks ago about debugging the values of SSIS Variables. I shared the method I have always used, which was simply (actually maybe it’s not simple at all) adding a script task into the control flow and placing a message box in the control flow, displaying the value of the variable. Continue reading

Debugging SSIS Variables—and a Happy Announcement from the Datachix.

Audrey and I have decided to blog regularly and alternately on Tuesdays. We’ve each had good runs of things and had months where we posted a lot, but we’ve never had great consistency. So now we’ve committed to a schedule.

From the Book of Bloggering Chapter 23, Verse 9: The Datachix shall blog weekly. The day of the week on which they shall post shall be Tuesdays. Mondays will not be the day the postings shall occur, unless it is only to load and schedule a post for the following day–Tuesday. Neither shall Wednesdays be the day of the posting, unless there be a time zone situation where the reader is residing in Wednesday time whereas the Datachix (the said aforementioned poster/bloggers) are residing in Tuesday, and therefore posting their blog. Thursdays are right out, as are Fridays. Don’t even mention Saturdays.

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