Audrey Hammonds

Audrey Hammonds is working as a consultant for Innovative Architects in Atlanta. (With my fellow Datachix!) Fourteen years ago, she volunteered for DBA training to escape COBOL, and never looked back. A firm believer that good fundamentals and solid design can save a database professional’s sanity, she has devoted much of her career to designing (hopefully) elegant databases and straightening up others’ not-so-elegant databases. Audrey has run the gamut from Database Developer to Production DBA to Architect.

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Twitter:  @DataAudrey

Julie Smith

Julie Smith has spent the last 12 years moving data using varied tools such as MS Access, MySQL, and SQL Server 2000-2012. She is an MCTS in SQL Server 2008 BI.   She is a Business Intelligence Consultant at Innovative Architects.  Prior to Innovative Architects,  she worked as a database developer at Key2 Consulting and  the Network Inc.     She remains “very simple woman with warm fuzzy secret heart.”

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Twitter:  @JulieChix

Both Audrey and Julie are Microsoft MVPs