Cool Tricks at Integration Group of Atlanta

I was fortunate to be able to speak at the Microsoft Integration Architects monthly meeting tonight. Thanks to all who came out tonight to see the presentation! This is a great group which tackles Integration from a multi -product standpoint. I am going to be attending these meetings!

Here is a link to download the slides as pdf and a zip with the code:


3 thoughts on “Cool Tricks at Integration Group of Atlanta

  1. Thanks Julie… great presentation. It was good to see some tricks after a day spent suffering with an SSIS task to “point to point” data from SQL to Oracle. A really simple task before I promised to make it really fast by using Attunity’s Oracle connector 🙂 Ya, I’m not quite a SSIS hater (BizTalk has it own… let’s say evil rabbits?).

    Scott (aka ScottGeek)

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