10 thoughts on “24 Hours of PASS – T-SQL Awesomeness Slides and Code

  1. Your session today was one of the better sessions that have been presented. You did a terrific job. Except for the initial microphone issues you spoke well and were easy to understand and follow. I thought the examples were top notch and am looking forward to using what I learned from you today.

  2. I just downloaded the PowerPoint and SQL Scripts but did not see the audio/visual from the presentation. I understand the session was being recorded. Will the audion/visual from your training presentation also be available? If so, where and when?

    • Thank you so much for attending! I’m flattered and humbled by your compliment. I can assure you, on my end, I was an absolute bundle of nerves. Hell, I’m still jittery. 🙂

      The recordings were done by PASS, and I understand that they should be available within the next few weeks. I’ll make sure to post an update here to let everyone know when they’re available.

      • I still have not had an opportunity to go back and study the presentation but I really want to. Anyway, I’m working on some statements now for a project and want to know if the Recursive CTE approach is something I might use for this situation:

        A SELECT statement returns no records for a particular criteria because for some rows the value IS NULL (for SELECTS it will return a single record with YES or NO) however I want to force it show “UNK” when the selection criteria IS NULL. I was hoping not to have to LEFT JOIN to another table to accomplish this task.

        My standard method is to use the ISNULL function and the LEFT JOIN:

        IsConsigneeChepParticipant = ISNULL(CUST.flg_IsChepParticipantCheck,’UNK’)
        AAD.dbo.t_order ORM
        LEFT JOIN
        AAD.dbo.t_customer CUST
        ON ORM.customer_id = CUST.customer_id
        ORM.wh_id = 12000
        AND order_number = ‘090920976-7940’

        I promose I will definitely review (heck STUDY) your notes on Recursive CTE’s when I finish today but was wondering if I should even spend the effort for this sort of situation?

  3. Fantastic presentation today! Was among the many following along.

    Whenever PASS finally releases the video records, yours will be among the few select presentations that I’m going to distribute amongst my team and make them watch.

    Great work!

  4. Great presentation today! I was especially encouraged by saying to myself “hey, I do that, here’s what I can do instead”. I can think of a few instances where CTEs and Include/Exclude is going to make a difference in my existing work.

  5. Thank you so much for your presentation today. The perspective on when to use views vs. SPs vs. TVFs was golden!!

    Don’t worry about the technical glitches. I sat in on 10 of the sessions and only 1 of those did not have some issue with LiveMeeting.

  6. Thank you, Bek, NEdmonds, and Philip! I’m so excited that you guys think you can apply what we talked about yesterday. For me, that’s a win. 🙂


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