24 Hours of PASS — Cool Tricks to Pull from Your SSIS Hat

Hey everybody, thanks for watching my ‘Cool Tricks to Pull from your SSIS Hat’ on Tuesday. I should have given this out during my presentation–Doh! Link to slides and code.


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6 thoughts on “24 Hours of PASS — Cool Tricks to Pull from Your SSIS Hat”

  1. Thank you so much for the presentation yesterday. It was informative and useful and well prepared and you communicated it well.

  2. the recording of your presentation was apparently problematic? tried to watch hi-fi version today. or was it just me??? i’ll download the slides and such to fill in the blanks, b/c it was good info otherwise, thx.

    1. Hi there. I confess, I haven’t seen the recording. I am not sure if I am ready to watch it, as I was so nervous during that I was mousing with two hands. At the time of the recording everything seemed to be ok, so maybe try the LiveMeeting recording instead of the Hi Res? And thanks for watching and the feedback. 🙂

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