T-SQL Tuesday #14—Julie’s 2011 Goals in “the Cloud”

 It’s T-SQL Tuesday and the topic is Technical Resolutions for 2011.  Thanks to MidnightDBA  (Blog|Twitter) for hosting this month’s event. 

 My 2011 Technical Resolutions can best be summarized with a song….

 I’m just kidding—I can’t summarize my goals with a song.  I don’t write songs. But I am great at surfing the internet and lookie what I found at www.wordle.net. It was a handy dandy, feel free to distribute your  creations, category cloud maker!  So here is my 2011 Technical Resolution Cloud:

Why couldn't she have just written a nice blog post on her resolutions.
I really want to go to PASS next year.
A little more explanation:
  1. PASS 2011—Attend it.  Submit for it. Feel it. Touch it. Live it.
  2. Get Datachix.com off of WordPress.com and onto a hosted site.  I am weary of our code being hard to read and not being copy/paste ready.
  3. Get my MCITP for SQL Server 2008 BI (at least get the first test done)
  4. Learn things—Denali, XML in SQL Server.
  5. Create at least one more presentation
  6. Speak at least 3 times this year.  I will get one out of the way next week if my plane to Tampa can get out of Atlanta in spite of the snow.  My fingers are crossed for SQL Rally in May.
  7. Articulate my official position on the topic of “Women In Technology”.  I have until March when we’ll be blogging on the topic for SQL University.
  8. Be less dorky.

Not off to a good start with number 8 given my highly sophisticated, not at all dorky, “Resolution Cloud”.  Ah well, there’s always 2012.  But according to the Mayans that WILL be my last chance. 😉


5 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday #14—Julie’s 2011 Goals in “the Cloud”

  1. Nothing wrong with being dorky. Perhaps you need to embrace the dork? The dork may very well inspire the geek! That’s the holistic approach. (I’m going to be more sage-like in 2011).

  2. You’re right Wendy. Who am I trying to kid? I love being a dork. And a nerd. I lack the sci fi love to be a true geek, although I think my Monty Python love is an acceptable substitute.
    See? You ARE a true sage.

  3. Your T-SQL Tuesday post is so much cooler than mine. I’m jealous! It’s all colorful and succinct. And they’re wonderful resolutions. Especially submitting to PASS Summit this year. Go for it!

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