And from @Datachix1 ‘s Mom…. #SqlSat48

Like I mentioned in my post, my mom (Karen Smith, not on the Twitter yet)  came with me to Columbia and decided to come to the day’s events.  She attended sessions all day, sometimes with me, sometimes on her own.  She branched out on her own for two sessions–David Taylor’s “To Click or Not to Click” and Jose Chinchilla’s “Get Cert! Get Cred!”  here are some of mom’s thoughts:

What I most appreciated about David Taylor’s ( @DYFHID ) presentation was his infectious enthusiam for all things SQL.  In addition he offered very practical advice for anyone like him who becomes an accidental DBA. Very good advice for beginners like me.
Jose Chinchilla has a plan to get certified: ( @sqljoe ) the why, where and how.  Lots of money saving tips and advice. I came away with something to aspire to! 
As for SQL Saturdays and PASS, I can’t say enough about them. I’ve worked at conferences and attended a few. I have to say this gang really know how to put on a seminar:  great sessions, great topics, great speakers, really nice venue and food! The organizers really know how to pull it off. This is a great community!

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