SQL Saturday #41

SQL Saturday #41 is in the bag, and once again, I’m grateful that I had a chance to present.  I promise to post my presentation within the next couple of days.  Big, giant shoutout to Stu Ainsworth and the whole Atlanta team for putting together an amazing day.  Met some really cool people, including, but not limited to:  Jen McCown of MidnightDBA.com, Louis Davidson of DrSQL.org, Mark Tabladillo of MarkTab.net.  And of course, I have to mention Geoff Hiten’s daughters… they cracked me up and made me think that maybe I should bring my teenager to the next event.  Enjoyed some hilarious conversations in the speakers room, and got to listen in on a disturbing/interesting conversation on plagarism.  Seriously, you plagarizers out there… Quit stealing people’s stuff!  Events like these remind me why I love data and what wonderful company I have in this industry. 

The presentation went pretty well… It was a bit disconcerting to be handed a stack of speaker evaluations afterwards.  Swear to whatever diety is paying attention, I couldn’t look at them until after I got home.  But, all things being said, I was happy with it.  To the woman who had the comment, “Was expecting more on data warehousing”, well, so was I.  That’s what I get for putting together the abstract before I fully think through the presentation.  I think I’ve decided that Dimensional Modeling needs a presentation all its own.  So, whoever you are, if you read this, I promise to give the dimensional side of the house the time it deserves. 

I learned a few things about speaking: 

1) Less is more.  I totally ran out of time, and knew I would going in.  Next time, I’m taking on less and giving myself time to have more interaction with the audience.

2) I need to go with my gut.  I KNEW that my oh-so-clever self-referencing relationship was a stretch, but I went with it anyway.  However, I loved the fact that the audience was engaged enough to question my design.  Means they’re awake!

3) I need to be a less frantic presenter.  I watched Jen McCown present, and she was as cool as the other side of the pillow.  I’m going for that laid back, “I totally belong here” vibe next time.

4) I’m recording my presentation from now on.  When Mark Tabladillo’s laptop decided to go belly-up on him 2 minutes before the beginning of the presentation, he had a flash drive ready with recorded demos. 

5) I say this with a shrug and a sigh… I totally need to be on Twitter.  Damn it.

5 thoughts on “SQL Saturday #41

  1. Audrey , you may not personally be on Twitter, but I am (even though I have yet to figure it out and tweet regularly, (just got my first smart phone)) and I have our site listed on my profile: therefore, this post was immediately broadcast there. GET ON THE TWITTER. The Internets is awesome!

  2. Alright, alright, fine. I’m officially on Twitter. 🙂 I’m @Datachix2. Julie’s @Datachix1. Now I just have to learn how to use this new fangled technology thingy.

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