Time To Rewrite Julie’s Bio Again…

I am no longer the first and only DBA at GA Communications. I’ve accepted a job where I will go back to my true data love, Business Intelligence. I start on Monday, and today was my last day at GA. When I crafted this exit timeline I envisioned three days of shopping, primping and lunches with friends so that I could hit the ground at the new job refreshed.

Oh contraire, mon Chickie. This weekend I annihilated my lower back playing soccer with a bunch of 8 year olds. I spent my last two days of work hobbling around like a little old lady. Instead of pedicures and haircuts the next three days will feature a lot of time spent laying on a heating pad.

When I wasn’t hobbling around or trying to stand upright, I was cross training my replacement. What a treat! Who gets to leave a job with a competent replacement anymore? Not someone who is already overworked and is just going to try and keep your stuff from exploding until you are actually replaced, but a fresh, qualified hire, whose existence is solely due to your impending absence and who is there with you for a while, no matter how briefly. I am so grateful to my former employer for doing this; I wish more companies were able to do this more often. All the best to my former colleagues–Thanks for everything.

2 thoughts on “Time To Rewrite Julie’s Bio Again…

  1. omg. So sorry for you, Julie. Since it’s all about me, at least I can get rid of the jealousy I was feeling! I didn’t get a break and I have house guests last weekend and up coming weekend. Hope you’re loving your new job!

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