Is It Us? or Is it WordPress? It’s WordPress, right?

Posted by Julie Smith on Sunday Feb 21, 2010 Under Julie

What a drag.  I’ve just discovered that it’s not something we’re doing wrong.  Whenever Audrey or I copy our SQL into WordPress, the single quotes, or tics as I call them and the double dashes — for comments both get garbled. 

So be aware until we figure out how to outsmart WordPress.  I promise our sql works!

“It’s so funny to me that you think I wouldn’t know that.” 

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  1. Ken Says:

    Maybe related?

  2. Mosueclone Says:

    There are plugins that will help correct this issue in WP.

    and countless blog entries and other sites that list several plugins that will even mark up the color of your code.

    WP strips it out and helps to prevent people from injecting code into your site.

  3. datachix Says:

    Thanks for the link Mouseclone!

  4. Ben Says:

    Mr. Short,

    May I recommend a shnazzy little wordpress plugin that would nicely format your sql scripts and help all of your fans to read it much easier too?

    It’s called WP-Syntax, it will format all of your code nicely and even include numbered lines if you choose.

    Here is an example:


  5. datachix Says:

    Dearest Mr. Ben:

    Alas, we are using the version of wordpress as of this writing and as far as I can tell, right now we do not have the ability to use that plug-in. I am stubborn and unemployed for the next 3 days, so maybe I’ll poke around and see if I can pay the good folks at to help us out with this problem. Thanks for being a fan!


  6. Luke Hayler Says:

    Have you tried using Windows Live writer to write your posts? They have a hoard of great plugins, one of which is a code formatter (or ‘prettifier’) called CodeSnippet. It works with a range of languages as well.

    Great blog. Looking forward to more from you two…


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