Is It Us? or Is it WordPress? It’s WordPress, right?

What a drag.  I’ve just discovered that it’s not something we’re doing wrong.  Whenever Audrey or I copy our SQL into WordPress, the single quotes, or tics as I call them and the double dashes — for comments both get garbled. 

So be aware until we figure out how to outsmart WordPress.  I promise our sql works!

“It’s so funny to me that you think I wouldn’t know that.” 

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6 thoughts on “Is It Us? or Is it WordPress? It’s WordPress, right?”

  1. Mr. Short,

    May I recommend a shnazzy little wordpress plugin that would nicely format your sql scripts and help all of your fans to read it much easier too?

    It’s called WP-Syntax, it will format all of your code nicely and even include numbered lines if you choose.

    Here is an example:


  2. Dearest Mr. Ben:

    Alas, we are using the version of wordpress as of this writing and as far as I can tell, right now we do not have the ability to use that plug-in. I am stubborn and unemployed for the next 3 days, so maybe I’ll poke around and see if I can pay the good folks at to help us out with this problem. Thanks for being a fan!


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