SSIS 2008 – Annotations are Word-wrap-less (is that a word?)

I just have to throw this rant out there… I’m trying to be a good little developer and put a comment about a weird update we’re making based on a new business rule.  I add an Execute SQL task, but my pretty update statement in there, and connect all the lines back up.  Go to put in an annotation, (right-click on design surface, click “Add Annotation”), and start typing away.  In case you don’t know me well, I tend to be a little, um, wordy at times.  I see the text box getting longer and longer, and I’m assuming that when I click off, it’ll word wrap for me.  You know… word wrap.  Even Notepad has word wrap!

Lo and behold, no wrapping.  Just one loooong line of text.  I Google, and here’s what MSDN has to say:  “The text block does not provide word wrap, but instead scrolls the text as the text exceeds the width of the text block. Press Ctrl-Enter to add a new line to the text block.”  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to SSIS 2008, where we can handle complex, enterprise-level ETL processes, but we can’t wrap some text in a little box.  Forgive me, Microsoft.  I heart you, even if you did just waste 15 minutes of my day.  Even sadder, I spent 5 minutes repeatedly hitting “Enter”, trying to figure out what was wrong with it before I decided to go to the Google. 

Ctrl-Enter, my friends.

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  1. How incredibly cool that i found the answer to my ssis question on the datachix blog (via Google)! Thanks Julie!

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